In a way this is an indirect homage to anyone who has revelled in pattern as a combination of shapes, lines, colors, forms and textures (including those ca. 1970s who made the words “Pattern and Decoration” into a so-called movement). But this is also thinking about pattern as a “device” that can be both beautiful and a little sinister (a la Charlotte Perkins Gilman and her yellow wallpaper). Pattern that is enchanting yet, perhaps, also, claustrophobic. Invigorating yet unhealthy. Appealing yet constricting. Pattern (as both abstract concept and physical construction) can be flexible, covering anything–a body, a wall, a floor, a vase, a piece of paper–and playing tricks with the eyes and mind. It can both define and obliterate, emphasize or belittle. The following do not just explore the idea of pattern or the history and significance behind certain designs but they use pattern as something fluid, something that crosses boundaries metaphorical and actual and that establishes unexpected relationships.

Stephanie Liner, Gibbosity, 2006, fabric, wood, paint and live model

Andy Jordan, Polymer Girl, 2004, upholstery fabric and PVC

Andy Jordan, Pica with Stella, 2003

Claire Coles, Wallpaper/Room Scene

Claire Coles, Wallpaper Brooches

Astrid Bowlby, ink on paper installation, 2006

Megan Auman, Living Room, 2006, powder-coated steel, 60 x 80 x 80 in.

Susan Lee-Chun, Facade (The Figurative Kind), 2006, fabric and polyfill, dimensions variable

Anne Polashenski, Lowry Faux Pas Obliteration (Little Boy’s Suit of 1860), 2006, C-print and gouache on paper, 18 x 18 in.


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  1. Beautiful and funny work!

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